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For other Members of Congress who wish to sit in, theyhave to ask unanimous consent at the time that they are hereand want to ask questions. Connolly will be recognizedin due course. Cummings is recognized for 5 minutes. Cordray, on behalf of my constituents,many of whom have lost almost everything they have, many ofwhom have lost their homes, their jobs, their savings, I amvery pleased that you have Rvitalizing appointed.

There is no margin forerror, and no shortage of criticism. I find that remarkable. I alsoknow it has not come without an incredible amount of hard work on thepart of the TSA.

In the Northern District of California, a juryconvicted the chief financial officer of Media Vision, Inc. This conviction followed guilty pleas by fourother company officials: the Chief Executive Officer, ChiefOperating Officer, the Sales Vice President and the Controller. While returningmerchandise at a Wal-Mart, the defendant became confrontationaland argumentative. The defendantadmitted to distributing approximately 80 kilograms ofmethamphetamine over a two-and-half to three-year period. In the Western District of Texas, two defendants wereeach sentenced to life imprisonment after a jury convicted themof running a continuing criminal enterprise that distributedapproximately 75 tons of marijuana through the West Texas areaand other parts of the United States. Members of his organization also stolethe identities of credit card holders, manufactured counterfeitcredit cards with that information, and then went to variousstores and purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars worth ofmerchandise using the counterfeit credit cards. In the Western District of Missouri, a pharmacist,who diluted drugs that had been prescribed as treatment forcancer patients, pleaded guilty to consumer product tampering,drug adulteration, and drug misbranding.

Mandela took his complaint to theOrganization of African Unity (OAU) and the UN, where, onJuly 15, 1992, he accused the government of "a cold-bloodedstrategy of state terrorism. ANC fearslingered, however, especially in late 1992, when the Commis-sion of Inquiry Regarding the Prevention of Public Violenceand Intimidation (Goldstone Commission) released its find-ings of a "dirty tricks" campaign against the ANC, apparentlysanctioned by senior figures within the South African DefenceForces (SADF). The resultingConcerned South Africans Group (Cosag) pressed for a federalconstitution to preserve the rights of ethnic minorities, espe-cially the Zulu and whites. Negotiations resumed on March 5, 1993, but the fragile pro-cess was again threatened a month later, when Chris Hani, thepopular general secretary of the South African CommunistParty (SACP), was murdered.